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A business plan is a written document that describes in detail how the business is going to achieve its goals. It highlights information regarding the business, its products or services, and including, organization, financial, marketing, and operational aspects.


Creating a business plan for your business enables one to access external funding. Other benefits of a business plan include gaining an understanding of the market, setting business priorities, managing change inside and outside the business as well as fostering accountability.

 A good business plan should include the following sections:

  • Executive Summary – A summary of the business plan which is inclusive of the mission statement and any information relating to the company’s operations, leadership, location, and employees. It is a one-page business plan that gives an overview of the entire business plan on one page only.
  • Products and services – This section outlines examples of products and services in the business plan. It also includes other information relating to the products and services your business offers such as pricing, benefits to the consumer, and production and manufacturing processes.
  • Market Analysis – This section highlights the competitors, market size, and trends. 
  • Marketing Strategy Plan – This section offers a description of how the business intends to attract potential customers and retain current customers. It also describes the advertising and go-to-market strategy and the channels through which they will be implemented.
  • Financing plan –  This section includes financial projections of the business which comprises revenue and expenditure targets and estimates for the initial years of operations and financial statements such as cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet projection of the business.


The cost of a business plan varies depending on the type of business plan (standard, advanced or pro) and the type and scale of the business

A payment plan can be arranged and documented in the contract. Kindly email us for more information on the types of payment plans available

Yes, we offer business plan writing services to businesses and entrepreneurs across all Canadian provinces and territories as well as in the United States

Yes. We recommend using a professional business plan writer who is able to outline all the key aspects of your business plan in a manner that will capture your audience. Professional business plan writers have experience written business plans for different industries and working with different banks and financing institutions. They, therefore, know what the business plan audience is looking for.

On average it takes around 2 weeks to complete a business plan. However, a fast track option is available to clients. Kindly email us for additional information on the fast track option

Yes. Our clients have successfully gotten funding from commercial banks such as TD, Scotia, RBC; development banks such as BDC; as well as government grants and other funding.

A financial forecast is an estimation or prediction of future business performance in financial terms. It involves making financial projections and formulating financial budgets to help determine which direction your business is heading. One needs financial projections in a business plan to establish control over business cash flows, reducing financial risk, determine future cash requirements and acquire external funding from financial institution.

Yes. However, we recommend getting an investor-focused business plan as it is designed to highlight specific details that investors are looking for. We also create pitch decks for investor business plans

Your start-up costs will be outlined in the financing plan where financial projections like cash flow, income, and balance sheet will also be included.

We offer project management and business support services. Additional information on our other services is available on our website (