Business Plan Writing Services for Ottawa Entrepreneurs

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Ottawa’s competitive business environment and quality of life have attracted companies from all over the world.  Government incentives i.e grants for research and development, and competitive corporate tax rate, good talent, and proximity to Toronto and Montreal favors the establishment of businesses.

Benefits of hiring a professional business plan writer

Professional business writers provide objectivity to your business when writing your business plan. They advise you on business operations and also help you see available opportunities that you might overlook.

Professional business plan writers can help you collect the right information from credible sources by doing thorough market and industry research. This information will help you make the right business decisions and help you in goal setting.  Additionally, they analyze collected information and organize it in a practical way that applies to your business. With the wide availability of information on the internet, you can easily collect the information on your own. However, you need information that is thorough and applicable to your business. Generally, the pros of engaging professional business writers for your business plan needs outweighs initial investment costs.

Confirming that your business idea is viable

It is important to verify that your business idea will transform into a successful business. A pre-feasibility study can be carried out to determine the viability of your business. According to the Project Manager,  a pre-feasibility study is an assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan. The goal of the study is to ensure the soundness of your business plan economically, technically, and legally. In most cases, pre-feasibility studies are carried out to determine the economic viability of your business. It forms a critical aspect of your business’s strategic planning processes. These studies are not performed often like business plans. However, they play a major role in ensuring your business idea will lead to success.

The majority of entrepreneurs conduct pre-feasibility studies internally. However, it is recommended to reach out to a business consultant before going forward with your business idea. This is because working with business consultants like Vaisus provide entrepreneurs with an objective view of their business idea. At Vaisus, we work together with our clients to understand their business goals and help them develop a plan for achieving their goals. We conduct pre-feasibility studies that meet their needs and confirms the viability of their business

Conducting a pre-feasibility study in collaboration with professional business writers will strengthen the case for your business plan. It will show potential investors and banks that you have carried out due diligence in confirming your idea is practical.

It should be noted that pre-feasibility studies and business plans are different. Although they are both stand-alone documents, they are more useful when combined together.

Business plan writing services for Ottawa entrepreneurs

We are a team of professional business plan writers ready to help Ottawa entrepreneurs write business plans for funding applications.

Our business consultants work together with clients to determine whether their business ideas are viable by conducting pre-feasibility studies and as well write comprehensive, customized funding-ready business plans and proposals. To speak to one of our consultants contact us here.

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